Toke Natural soap (Orange solid Cup soap) with AHA



Toke Natural soap with orange fragrance and extra Honey, deep cleanses the skin, fights blemish, improves skin tone, and wades of acne.

contains essential fatty acid that keeps the skin smooth and moist after bath.


  1. Toke Orange  Natural  soap is made from the finest African Black soap and plant extracts which gently cleanses and smoothens the skin. contains natural fatty acid that keeps skin moisturised. Mixed with Alpha Hydroxy acid and orange essential oil to mildly exfoliate the skin and reveal brighter skin.

Please Take Note; Toke Natural soap DOESNT DRY OFF THE SKIN.

Toke Natural Soap is ideal for relieving  Rashes ,Blemish ,Acne , skin inflammation.

Fades the appearance of dark spots, acne remover, acne corrector, and acne soap.

For Face and Body.


For Acne apply 30seconds on the face and rinse off.

Do not leave soap on your skin for longer than 5minutes. all soap are degreaser or cleansing agent they have tendency to dry off skin when left on the skin for longer period.


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