Toke Baby Natural Skincare Set.


Toke Natural Baby Set Pack contains essential product for baby first skin care  journey.
The Toke Baby shea butter is mixed with coconut oil to keep baby skin moisturized and prevent from skin irritation. Mild scent, and has up to 24hours skin protection.
The Toke calming Oil is formulated with Mothers in mind. It is made with Natural Oils like Almond , sunflower oil and olive oil. Non comedogenic i.e it doesn’t block skin pore. It’s easily rinse off with water and soap. it’s safe to use on baby head to keep warm.
it’s to use on skin as baby body oil.
Toke baby Natural soap with carefully formulated with shea butter and vegetable glycerine. Doesn’t dry out skin but has essential fatty acid to keep baby’s skin plum.
Toke shea Balm contains Peppermint oil to keep baby warm in cold season. It also reduces nasal congestion.
Apply desired quantity on head and on skin.
It contains
1. Toke baby shea butter 450g
2. Toke baby soap 500g
3. Toke coconut oil 250ml
4. Toke shea balm 35g
5. Toke Baby Tube shea butter as a gift item
6. Baby Towel as gift Item

New born and babies do not need lightening products.

Toke Baby Natural Skincare Set is Natural, safe and cost Effective

It contain Four product and gift that keeps baby soft and supple. prevent skin irritation and rashesToke

Toke Shea Coco 450g

Toke Shea Balm 75g

Toke Baby Natural Soap(made with shea butter) 350g

Toke Calming Oil 100ml

Toke diaper cream 35g

*Baby bib and soft baby sponge as gift*

Weight 0.80 kg

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